Moving Tips Hiding in 3 Holiday Movies

Holiday movies and their moving tips

Winter is time for friends, families, and holiday movies. Lots of holiday movies. If a pending move is on your mind and you pay close attention, you might just find a moving tip that can help you with your move.

The post office delivers this MIRACLE ON 34th STREET moving tip

Kris Kringle steps in to help Macy’s during the holiday shopping rush. He does such a good job in the role that he attracts a lot of attention — much of it good, but some of it from some bad people who try to leverage his insistence that he is actually Santa Claus against him. In court proceedings to determine his mental capacity, the judge presiding over Kringle’s case demands some sort of proof or official declaration before he’ll accept that Kringle is Santa and free him from a mental institution.

The mistake: Kringle lists the North Pole as his birthplace and his reindeer as his next of kin. Official documentation would help establish such admittedly incredible responses.

The movie’s moving tip: During his legal proceeding, the post office delivers to Kringle sack after sack of letters addressed to Santa Claus. This means the post office recognizes Kringle as Santa, freeing him from his legal troubles. To avoid your own problems with your move, take care of the basics. That means, among other things, making sure you contact the post office with your new address and the date of your move.

The moving tip ELF needed

Buddy the Elf departs his home in the North Pole to find his birth father in New York City. His ensuing adventures see him sample the world’s best coffee, get — and lose — a demanding retail job, and find love.

The mistake: Buddy doesn’t pack anything! He walks from his home to NYC, which puts him at the mercy of relative strangers. He’s reduced to wearing the same clothes for much of his initial stay.

The movie’s moving tip: Partnering with a reliable mover means Buddy would have at least a change of clothes and some other essentials with him. It’s a fact of life that some moves catch us by surprise. The right moving company, though, can step up and deliver a pack & move home run even in the coldest months. It couldn’t be easier to get started with a free quote.

Hans’ DIE HARD moving tip

“Die Hard” features Hans Gruber, a distinguished German native living in the United States temporarily. He plans to pull off a $600 million heist and move to a private, undisclosed location to spend his golden years. But Gruber runs into trouble when a foul-mouthed barefoot upstart throws a monkey wrench into his carefully designed plans.

The mistake: Gruber’s moving plan comprises too many moving parts, no pun intended. Whether it’s a move across the street or a long distance move to a country without an extradition treaty with the United States, it’s best to keep plans as simple and straightforward as possible.

The movie’s moving tip: Download, print, and utilize a residential moving checklist. It provides a thorough list of many tasks that must be done before the big move. It’s best to postpone any complicated activity.

Make your next move a little merrier

Have an extra serving of eggnog. EZ Moving and Storage will help you out with your move. We’ll make a list, check it twice, and ensure your upcoming move is smooth. (We might even bring along some jingle bells.) Our gift to you: a quick and free estimate, available by clicking here.