The 6 Best Long Distance Moving Companies

The best long distance moving companies

The best long distance moving companies all have one thing in common: they prioritize an excellent client experience. Here are six ways they do that. Look for these characteristics in a long distance moving company, and you’ll be on your way to a smooth move.

1. The best long distance moving companies save you time

We’re busy people. In the U.S., approximately 40% of employees work more than 50 hours each week. Add all our other obligations atop that and time becomes a valuable commodity. Look for a moving company that saves you time by providing as many of the long distance moving services you need. That includes, of course, moving services but also storage (in case your situation requires it), boxes and other supplies, etc.

2. The best long distance moving companies go where you need them to go

It turns out that many of us love home cooking: roughly 83% of our moves keep us within the same state. But more than 13% take us to a new state. Not every long distance mover will take you wherever you’re headed. The best ones, though, will go the extra mile for you — literally and figuratively!

3. The best long distance movers are licensed …

… if they travel to other states. Such licensure is legally mandated and handled by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). You can confirm a moving company’s license by visiting this USDOT page and conducting a search.

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4. The best long distance movers have relevant experience

There are many reasons people move: for a new job or job transfer, because of health reasons, even as the result of a catastrophic natural disaster. The reasons are almost limitless. The best long distance movers are those with experience in as wide an array of these moves as possible. Ask your prospective long distance mover if the company has moved a family in your particular situation and then follow up with the relevant references they provide.

5. The best long distance companies offer a familiar face

With some moving companies, the people who load the truck are not the same people who will deliver your possessions to the new location. The best long distance moving companies, however, maintain consistent teams who will care for your items from the beginning — loading the truck — to the end — delivering your items.

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6. The best long distance movers communicate well

Hate being placed on hold? You’re not alone: 32% of people put on hold hang up immediately. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll end up in someone’s voicemail … where only 18% of messages from unknown numbers are listened to. The long distance moving company with whom you want to work will reply to you promptly and in a fashion best suited to you: phone, text, email, or even Morse code. (Okay, we’re joking about that last one.)

The best long distance move is the EZ one

At EZ Moving and Storage, we excel at long distance moves because we adhere to one simple rule: Take care of the client. From the supplies you need to the experience you require to get the job done right, it’s all here for you. Go ahead: make your move EZ! Contact us today to learn more.