Long Distance Move Mistakes in 4 Scary Movies

Scary long distance moves

Everyone wants to avoid making a big long distance move mistake. After all, long distance moves can be terrifying even for the bravest people. For proof, look no further than the following scary movies — each of which features a long distance move mistake.

The long distance move mistake of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR

The movie: In “The Amityville Horror,” the Lutz family flees their home after experiencing terrible nightmares, harmful invisible forces, and even evil pig eyes. The film ends with the following text: “George and Kathleen Lutz and their family never reclaimed their house or their personal belongings. Today they live in another state.”

The horror: Abandoning a haunted house sounds like the right move. But leaving all their possessions behind? That’s a significant financial hit.

The solution: Packing — even an entire house — is among the many services EZ Moving and Storage offers. We’ve done it for years for both residential and commercial clients who must move quickly. That’s even the case if, like the Lutz family’s situation, there’s a long distance move involved.

An obvious long distance move mistake in THE CONJURING

The movie: The Perron family at the center of “The Conjuring” must deal with possessions, hauntings, flying objects, mysterious bruises, and much more after they move into a new home. Some of the movie’s scariest moments occur in a boarded-up cellar previously unknown to the couple that purchased the house.

The horror: It’s always a bad idea to buy a house with a secret, boarded up cellar. Especially one frequented by ghosts.

The solution: Consult an expert who can offer suggestions to ease your long distance move. For example, EZ Moving and Storage’s website features many helpful tips and tricks to make moving easier. 5 Ways to Bravely Face a Long-Distance Move is one of them. In it, you’ll find the following advice: Have a friend or family member make sure all is well before your family arrives. Had the Perron’s done that, it’s possible they could have avoided a great deal of grief.  

ALIEN: COVENANT and one big long distance move mistake to avoid

The movie: The beginning of “Alien: Covenant” finds a spaceship full of colonists and their supplies headed to the planet Origae-6. A mysterious signal, however, spurs those operating the ship to take a planetary detour that proves deadly. Turns out that the planet they visit — instead of going straight to Origae-6 — houses monsters and one mean robot.

The horror: A successful long distance move requires a well thought out plan that removes the mystery and makes all your stress history.

The solution: Develop a moving plan … and then stick to the plan. (Like, for instance, a long distance move checklist.) Yes, sometimes it helps to improvise in the event of unforeseen circumstances. But neither you nor your moving company should improvise so much with so much precious cargo.

The long distance move mistake of THE MARTIAN

The movie: A couple of serious mishaps leave astronaut Mark Watney stranded on Mars in “The Martian.” The hits only keep coming after that: a failed initial attempt to send him additional supplies; the fact that his crew was not informed of his condition as they sped away from the planet, and an unfortunate explosion that destroyed a lot of potatoes.

The horror: Starvation. There wasn’t much food left behind when Watney’s colleagues, thinking he was dead, fled the planet without him.

The solution: The surface habitat he retained for much of his time there contained well-arranged and labeled contents. This brings up two points:

If this movie doesn’t strike you as scary enough, consider that Watney had to harvest the sealed (and well labeled!) human waste of his colleagues for fertilizer.

Bravely defeat long distance move mistakes

Take the fear out of a long distance move. Rely on EZ Moving and Storage to bust any ghosts that pop up — they’ll also make sure your possessions arrive swiftly and safely. A quick estimate is just a click away.