How to Move Without Hating It: 6 Practical Tips

There’s plenty of excitement in moving to a new home. Some trepidation, sure. But plenty of excitement. Actually getting to your new home is a different matter entirely. Moving can be a frustrating and tedious process. Here are 6 suggestions for making it less so.

1. Do not overpack your moving boxes

The suggested weight range for a fully packed moving box is 30-50 pounds. Favor the lighter side of that. Even if you have the defensive line of the Green Bay Packers helping, the cumulative effect of moving 50-pound boxes around will wear anyone out. Consider the math: If you only move two 50-pound boxes twice (each from the bedroom to the living room), that’s 200 pounds carried the equivalent of 40 or so feet. Save the CrossFit for the gym. Another way to look at it: When it comes to packing boxes, consider packing the smaller boxes the heaviest and the larger boxes the lightest. Small boxes are good for dense items and larger boxes are good for plastic and cloth items.

2. Shed your excess weight

The less you have to move to your new place, the lighter your load. Host an estate sale, conduct a garage sale, donate items that are no longer needed or wanted to a veterans charity, put that old Joe Weider home gym on Craigslist. There’s an ancillary benefit to this: the less stuff you take to your new home, the cleaner, neater, and more spacious it will look.

3. Call in backup

Having your children help you with the move will help your children deal with the move. Get them involved. With adult supervision, perhaps they can conduct an internet search on the new neighborhood: parks in which to play, fun places to eat. They don’t need more time to fret; they need to acclimate to the move. And you need helpers, so it works out for everyone!

4. Be overprotective

Nothing can take the pep out of moving day excitement faster than a broken heirloom or damaged piece of furniture. Wrapping material is available everywhere, maybe even in your basement. Clean rags, carpet remnants, newspapers: you have a lot of tools at your disposal to ensure your belongings make it from Point A to Point B safely. Use them. (Need help? Refer to #3!)

5. Plan the big day … and then plan some more

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Come moving day, ensure all boxes are labeled by their respective rooms, who’s going to help unpack each room, how long you’ll work at it until taking a break. Yes, schedule a break. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and eagerness to be finished unpacking. What’s not so easy is recovering from having pushed yourself too hard.

If you’re pushing the people around you, too, morale and energy levels could quickly be depleted. To help you stick to your scheduled break, have the number ready for the pizza place you’re going to have deliver lunch or dinner. Because it’s not really moving day if pizza isn’t involved.

Even before you reach that point, though, begin your move right by getting an easy and free quote — easy as in “right now” and free as in “it won’t cost you one cent” — simply by clicking here.

6. Ready your moving day reprieve rooms

Determine your likeliest spots for taking a breather in the new home. Then, unpack those rooms first. A probable sequence would be the kitchen, then the bathroom, and finally the bedroom. The kitchen is the heart of every house; the bathroom the most urgent room, and the bedroom is where you’ll rejuvenate after a long day. You’ve earned it.

There’s one more move you need to make

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