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Relocation Checklist
Moving Checklist

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12 weeks before you move, have you ….

  • Sorted through the basement, loft and garage?
  • Resolved what to do with prohibited items?
  • Made proper provision for pets?
  • Decided whether or not you are taking your car?
  • Purchased boxes from EZ Moving to prepare for the home for packing?

    10 weeks before your move, have you ….
  • Disposed of the things you don’t want to take?
  • Had a garage sale to use the proceeds made to cover costs towards any relocation charges

    8 weeks before you move, have you …
  • Started to prepare your mailing list of people who need your change of address?
  • Notified banks, savings accounts, credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, hire purchase and rental companies?
  • Started to round up passports, birth/marriage certificates and other family documentation?
  • Applied for any new necessary telephone, cable, gas, water services?
  • Checked that electrical goods will work in your new home?

    6 weeks before you move, have you …
  • Separated favorite toys?
  • Made sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date?
  • Arranged for mail to be forwarded to your new address?
  • Decided whether or not to buy any new household goods

    4 weeks before you move, have you …
  • Decided which clothes travel with you?
  • Started to dismantle climbing frames/garden furniture?
  • Agreed an insurance value and terms with your mover?
  • Made arrangements of connection of services at your new home?
  • Returning library books.
  • Cancel and redirect newspapers, magazine subscriptions.
  • Found new homes for your plants.
  • Created a floor plan and thought out where all your furniture will go in each room of your new home.
  • Booked your date for EZ Moving to pack up the home?
  • Got an estimate of what the moving and / or storage expenses will cost?
    3 to 2 weeks before you move, have you …
  • Contacted EZ Moving to reserve your move and / or storage date(s). Call now to get that date you need! Number is 888.218.3115

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EZ Moving is a world-class Michigan moving company providing packing supplies and relocation services to Detroit's suburbs and beyond.
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