Storage unit red flags

Watch out for red flags

There is any number of reasons someone rents a storage unit:

  • Storing material from a recent move
  • Housing unexpected acquisitions from the passing of a loved one
  • Safeguarding items during a major house renovation

The list stretches longer than your arm. Much longer.

In each instance, these people have placed value in their items. It’s why they’re storing them, after all. Make sure your possessions — the ones you care enough for to ensure they’re not merely piled atop one another in your cramped and damp basement — end up in a safe place.

Here are a few things to look out for before signing an agreement for a storage unit.

1. Temperature control

Some states enjoy moderate temperatures year-round. Michigan isn’t one of them. Temperature-controlled units are a must since Mother Nature can reach nearly anything you store. Extreme heat, humidity, cold: we get it all in Michigan. Protect your extensive baseball card collection and family heirlooms by inquiring about temperature control, how such controls are checked/confirmed, and how long it usually takes to repair any issues.

2. Signs of disrepair or damage

Your tour of the facility should not turn up anything that suggests a lack of care. Maintenance issues should be addressed promptly in such places. Do you see a full bucket of water placed under a leaking pipe to catch a slow drip? A burned out light bulb or two? Or maybe there’s noticeable paint chipping and cracking? In that case, you might as well be seeing writing on the wall that says, “Find another storage facility.”

3. Poor staff engagement

A storage facility may house several million dollars in property. Safeguarding those items requires an excellent security system, proper lighting, and secure locks. But there’s one more thing needed: staff members who maintain an appropriate level of awareness about what’s going on around them.

Visit a facility a couple of times, hopefully in a could of different shifts, to get a good feel for the staff. Employees who are not invested in their jobs represent a big red flag. That’s one characteristic criminals exploit when they build meth labs in storage units. (Yes, really.)

You need an EZ storage solution

At EZ Moving and Storage, we’ve been successfully — and carefully — storing clients’ valuables for decades. From prized private possessions to hefty commercial investments, we appreciate the trust placed in us and work twice as hard to maintain it. If you need a Michigan storage facility, you need to speak with EZ Moving and Storage.