Avoid 4 Long Distance Relocation Pitfalls

Long distance dangers

Every long distance relocation is rife with potential pitfalls. These pitfalls hide insufficient planning, inactivity, and inattentiveness. We’ve corralled four of them here to help you steer clear during your move.

Pitfall #1: Not engaging in the long distance relocation process

Are you ready for your long distance relocation? Do you have your list? Have you made like Santa and checked it twice?

Hiring the right moving company alleviates a lot of headaches for you. But even if a moving company could sort through your Beanie Babies collection to find the best ones, and talk to the principal at your kids’ new school, it’s not as good as having you there. In person, on-site, engaged in the process.

Make sure you’re fully engaged in your long distance relocation and you’ll avoid pitfall #1.

Pitfall #2: Making up your long distance relocation as you go

At one especially chaotic point in the classic adventure film “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” a colleague asks Indiana Jones what he’s going to do to save the day. His reply: “I don’t know. I’m making this up as I go.”

You are not Indiana Jones. You should not make up anything as you go when a long distance relocation is involved. Carefully examine the potential ramifications of your move.

Leave the improvising to the comedy troupe playing in the club down the street. Stick to your plan and you’ll avoid pitfall #2.

Pitfall #3: Undervaluing a Plan B after completing a long distance relocation

Determine what steps you’ll take should any potentialities become eventualities. Questions you might want to consider include:

  • What will I do if I’m dismissed from, or decide I must quit, the job for which I moved?
  • What resources do I have to respond to a change in my caregiver status to one or both parents?
  • Where will I turn if the personal relationship that spurred me to move ends abruptly?

Having a Plan B used to carry negative connotations for some people. Their reasoning: “If you have a Plan B, you’re not committed enough to succeed!” Nonsense. You’re not Cortes burning a bunch of boats to inspire your troops. In today’s fast-moving world, having even a Plan C and a Plan D isn’t a bad idea. No plan at all? THAT’S bad.

Avoid being caught without a plan should the unexpected occur. That’ll help you avoid long distance relocation pitfall #3.

Pitfall #4: Failing to look before you leap into a long distance relocation

Shifting sands of fortune are in America’s DNA. For example, California needed a gold rush for much of its rapid expansion and Detroit’s industrial muscle brought in new residents from across the country.

The promise of a new, likely financially rewarding job can put the rosiest-colored glasses onto even the most cynical face. Fight that urge and take a good long look at your prospective new hometown. Will it be able to meet your family’s needs one year from now? Five years from now? Ten?

If your new home is really where you want to be … if you have a Plan B in the event that your new role falls through … if this is a place you can see setting down roots for a decade or longer: go for it!

Looking before you leap into a new world is a critical move if you want to avoid long distance relocation #4.

Long distance relocation troubles averted here

EZ Moving and Storage provides long distance relocation support to residences and businesses alike. We’ve come in to help many people out of long distance relocation pits they tumbled into — and we’re always happy to help. We’re happier if we can provide insight that keeps people out of trouble altogether. If you’re planning a long distance relocation either for yourself, your family, or a work colleague, start here by getting a quick quote from us

Just please don’t ask us to sort through any Beanie Babies.