6 Ways Tetris Prepares You for a Long Distance Move

Preparing for a long distance move? Hopefully, you’ve played a lot of Tetris!

Even if you haven’t played Tetris, you’re probably aware of it. It’s the game that requires you to fit together a random assortment of seven items — each with a different shape composed of four blocks — as efficiently as possible.

The goal is to create a single horizontal line of blocks without any gaps. Once such a line forms, it disappears and adds to your point total. That means the more compacted the pieces are, the better.

If that sounds like packing for a long distance move, you’re right! With that similarity in mind, here are six ways Tetris helps you pack for a long-distance move.


A snug fit is the best for a long distance move. Eliminating open space within each box reduces any shock that can transfer to the contents as the box moves. Shock absorption is why shipments you receive from companies such as Amazon and other online retailers include air pillows, styrofoam peanuts, or other fillers. Such material helps fill gaps, ensuring a snug fit.


If you send the majority of your belongings with the long distance moving company but have a few more boxes making the trip with you, space is a premium. So it’s crucial to waste no space. In Tetris, it isn’t always possible to achieve a snug fit. But if you can fit each piece in such a way that only a little space goes unused, there’s a good chance you can extend your playing time. When loading personal items traveling with you, wasting no space means there’s a good chance you can carry as much as necessary.


The longer you play, the faster the pieces — called tetrominoes — fall. This acceleration makes Tetris even more challenging. That’s because you have less time to determine the best spot for each piece. Time is also a crucial factor in a long distance move. The day will come when you must leave for your new home. That’s why you need to manage your time well to have the time you need to plan and pack well.


Tetris derives its name from the tetromino playing pieces. Although the seven tetrominoes have different shapes, the fact that they are composed of four squares makes it possible to connect them.

If long distance moving had an official shape, that shape would be a square. A square form factor is ideal for horizontal and vertical stacking. Squaring things up well requires sturdy, reliable boxes — another reason why you always want to work with genuine moving boxes and avoid a random collection of used grocery store boxes.


Many versions of Tetris allow you to see which piece is coming next. This advanced notice can help you set up a stack that requires, say, a T-shaped tetromino to finish two rows. Knowing ahead of time what needs to go on a truck or in your vehicle for a long distance move also helps you complete your objective. It will help you determine where to place which boxes. You don’t have to stack boxes left to right and bottom to top. You may need to leave a gap open for an outsized piece. That’s fine — if you know the outsized piece is coming!


Finally, the most satisfying part of playing Tetris is when you clear four lines of blocks simultaneously, which can only happen by using the “I” tetromino. Interestingly, that move shares its name with the game itself: it’s known as a “tetris.” Similarly satisfying is finishing an entire room in your house as part of your long distance move. Whether that means you’re packing or unpacking that room, follow these tips:

  • Plan your strategy
  • Give yourself enough time
  • Label boxes or review their labels

The only long distance move guide you need

It turns out that crucial advice for your upcoming long distance move has been hiding in your computer, Nintendo console, smartphone app, or similar device. Anywhere you played Tetris, you developed the skills you need!

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