4 Tips for Moving Your Classic Car Long Distance

You’re in love with your classic car and will settle for nothing than the best conditions for its long distance move from your current home to your new one.

That’s understandable. Whether we’re talking a red-and-white 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, orange 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, or another envy-inducing marvel of automotive engineering, these works of art deserve only the best.

Fighting pothole-dotted roadways and avoiding texting drivers is no way to move a work of art. What you need is special attention to that beauty. Following these four tips will help ensure your classic car makes its long distance move safely and without a scratch.

1. Call around.

The Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta is a classic among classic cars — and it has a valuation to match: €32.5 million or nearly $38 million.

You don’t hand off that kind of value to just anyone.

Even though your classic car comes in at considerably less expense, it still cost a pretty penny and is something you value immensely. (In fact, it’s possible that the car is worth more than all your other material goods combined.) That value mandates that you put forth the effort to speak with no fewer than three moving companies, plus references, from each of them.

If none of those three cut it, continue looking. The effort you invest now will pay off later when you don’t have to second-guess yourself and repair any damage to your vehicle.

2. Clean it.

The next thing we suggest classic car owners do is clean out the vehicle. I’m not talking about dirt; the car is likely cleaner on the inside than most people’s houses. But any space can accumulate items that belong somewhere else.

A classic car may contain an errant tool or two. Maybe a couple of lawn chairs for summer cruising or car shows. Other than floor mats, remove everything possible.

Doing this reduces:

  • Weight
  • The possibility of interior damage caused by any shift during the long distance move
  • Any obstructions you or the movers might encounter

3. Catalog it.

We’ve all done it: spend a lot of time on something — a school essay, a department spreadsheet, a repainted bedroom — only to have someone come along and point out a glaring, how-did-I-miss-that? mistake.

Writing mistakes, for example, occur because we understand the thought(s) we’re trying to convey and are more focused on the more difficult task of expressing them. As a result, we can miss a spelling error or two. It takes a someone else, who isn’t focused on conveying a particular thought, to catch our mistakes.

The same can occur with your prized classic car. You might be so accustomed to it that you completely gloss over that fender blemish. Looking at it more critically after the long distance move might cause you to come to a false conclusion.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get out your smartphone, or your DSLR, and document your vehicle from every possible angle before its trip. Better yet, have a friend do it. At least he or she can conduct an inspection up close to help you find those “typos” you overlooked.

4. Cover it.

Any research you conduct, or conversation you have, about moving your classic car long distance might include the debate over transporting a classic or luxury vehicle in a completely covered trailer or an open-air trailer.

There’s no debate. Cover it. Period.

Yes, open-air haulers will save you some money. But they also leave your vehicle exposed to the elements. Extreme heat, freezing temperatures, heavy rain, a dust storm, etc.: depending on where you are, there’s no telling what sort of weather will roll in. Fort Belknap, Montana, experienced a temperature change of a whopping 82 degrees in less than 24 hours not too long ago.

You don’t have to worry about such drastic changes every day, but you would have to worry about what the weather might do to your classic car on an uncovered trailer.

A different kind of classic ride

Your beloved car doesn’t need to be the only “classic ride” on this particular long distance move. It can be the one finally experiencing a classic ride itself if you follow the suggestions outlined above.

If you need help with such a move, let us know. We’ve moved our fair share of classic cars before and are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. Simply call EZ Moving and Storage at (877) 843-0102. Our website also features a convenient online form for you, too.

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