4 Storage Facility Budget Busters to Avoid

Spend wisely on storage.

Maybe you have a New Year’s resolution to clear up space. Perhaps spring’s arrival inspires you to get some cleaning and organizing done.

Whenever the season and whatever the reason, you’re leveraging a storage facility to help make it happen. They can be a tremendous help.

But to ensure your plan comes together without traumatizing your wallet, here are four storage facility budget busters to avoid.

1. Worrying too much about your storage facility budget

Yes, this is a bit of a switcheroo. After all, if you’re worried about your budget, shouldn’t you focus on saving money?

Not necessarily.

Overlooking a facility’s faults, such as poor maintenance standards and customer service, to save $20 each month might end up costing you more via:

  • Aggravations such as an out-of-order elevator
  • Safety concerns such as faulty lights that leave walkways dark

2. Taking a decluttering shortcut on your way to the storage facility

People can underestimate the amount of storage space they need. They get halfway through the boxes and other items they wish to store and realize they need more room — fast!

One way to avoid this is by going through everything you plan on storing. There’s no reason to pay to store personal possessions you no longer want or need.

Some folks avoid this step, though. Why? Because decluttering alone can take as much time as boxing up everything and taking it to the storage facility. Skip this step, though, and risk busting your storage facility budget.

3. Leaving money on the decluttering table

Since we’re talking about decluttering, we need to talk about why decluttering is more important to your budget than just right-sizing your storage space.

The items you decide you don’t want? There might be money in them by:

  • Selling them on eBay or Craigslist
  • Donating them to a 501(c)3 for a tax benefit
  • Using one of the many swapping websites to exchange unwanted items for things you were planning on buying

The alternative is essentially sending your money to a landfill — as effective a way as any to risk busting a budget.

4. Overlooking insurance for your storage facility

Whether your homeowner’s insurance covers items you have in storage depends on a variety of factors. Maybe you have a 10% cap on claims or coverage changes based on the contents of the unit.

Your best course of action is to speak with your insurance agent and storage facility representative. A well-executed insurance plan can prevent budget-busting financial losses in the event of catastrophic damage.

Meeting your storage facility budget

It’s a safe bet that you need more space in your place. That’s because we could all use some extra space. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation storage facility quote. Whatever your need, we have the storage unit perfect for your needs — and your budget.