4 Cheap Long Distance Companies

Cheap long distance movers might charge less, but be careful.

Looking for a cheap long distance moving company — and prioritizing its cheapness — can be a lot like looking for trouble.

To help make sure that trouble never finds you, here are four cheap long distance companies to avoid.

Cheap Long Distance Movers Type #1: The Bargain Basement Bunglers

Expenses such as gas and labor will always command a fair part of a moving company’s operating expenses. This is why you’re unlikely to find a moving company far outside ranges provided by other companies with whom you speak.

If, for example, three companies estimate a job at $1,000 to $1,200 and another one comes in at $400, something is amiss. How can that company come in at such a low rate while still paying for gas for their truck and a living wage for their moving team?

Odds are, they can’t. Which is why you need to be careful before pursuing an arrangement with them. There is such a thing as “too cheap to be true.” “Too cheap to be true” is often accompanied by “outright unreliable.”

Cheap Long Distance Movers Type #2: The Catch Ya Later Communicators

Communication matters. It matters in our professional lives, and it matters in our personal lives. It’s cited as essential in strong relationships and crucial in effective businesses.

Communication is, unfortunately, also one way a cheap long distance moving company might cut corners. Maybe they don’t invest in current technologies such as wireless networking or mobile solutions. Put another way: Good luck getting these guys on the line.

And if you can get them on the phone, pay attention to what happens next. Does the person answering say “Movers” or “Moving company”? Whatever the reason for not identifying the company right away, it’s another communication red flag.

Here’s a tip: Get a free and easy moving quote from a reliable mover today.

Cheap Long Distance Movers Type #3: The Excuses Galore Garrison

If you come across a long distance moving company with more bad reviews than all the others — and the volume of bad reviews doesn’t have you walking away — ask them what spurred all those negative posts.

Who knows? Maybe a sober, reflective, and well-considered reply will address your concerns. Be on the lookout for a stream of defensive and half-baked excuses, though:

  • “I had a lousy former partner that I kicked to the curb.”
  • “Good help is hard to find! I constantly have to fire people!”
  • “That’s just a bunch of trolls always messing with me.”

No company is perfect. The best course of action is to ensure whatever mistake happened doesn’t happen again. Throwing other people under the proverbial bus isn’t going to help improve anything.

Cheap Long Distance Movers Type #4: The Mystery Movers

Mystery long distance movers don’t have superpowers that render them unknowable. Rather, they have the advantage of a prospective client — you, in this scenario — who doesn’t conduct the due diligence required to ensure that this long distance moving company is the long distance moving company they need.

In school, skipping homework could result in a bad grade, maybe even a flunked course. When it comes to long distance moving, though, not doing your homework can result in:

  • Hiring a moving company with a wealth of negative online reviews and complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Signing a contract with a moving company without any references — since few, or no, former clients would vouch for their quality.
  • Standing on your front lawn the morning of your long distance move with the moving company demanding even more money above the agreed-upon price.

There’s an easy way to deal with Mystery Movers. Make sure you check references, reviews, and even their location and fleet before the move. Investing just a little bit of time on such an important issue will dispel any mysteries and help you identify the best long distance mover for you.

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