3 Ways Technology Impacts Moving Today

Today’s moving technology takes a lot of the anxiety out of your big move.

Think about it. Even in the early years of the 1900s, many people still relied on horse-drawn carriages. It wasn’t until about 1919 that moving companies began to rely on automobiles such as Ford TT trucks.

Today, moving technology allows companies to leverage advancements that help ensure your belongings arrive faster and safer than ever. Here are three of those advancements.

Moving Technology #1: GPS

Remember those giant folding maps? The ones you could never quite fold back into their original shape?

You don’t remember them? Thank the Global Positioning System, or GPS. Today’s GPS technology renders paper maps almost obsolete.

It also allows moving companies to route your belongings along the most efficient path. GPS helps your movers navigate around — or at the very least expect — accidents, inclement weather, and congestion.

GPS might as well also stand for “great panic stopper.” That’s because customer-accessible real-time location information can settle even the most anxious minds as valued possessions find their way to the new home.

What this means for you: Peace of mind, even if you’re not prone to anxiety attacks! This is especially beneficial if you’re engaged in a long-distance move. GPS technology can also translate to more competitive rates. It does this by facilitating decreases in fuel consumption and traffic congestion.

Moving Technology #2: Industry-Specific Software

Here’s a technological advance about which you will never see or even hear. And that’s despite the hard work it accomplishes while orchestrating the many disparate aspects of your move.

It’s the industry-specific software that helps moving companies manage your entire experience.

Today’s movers have access to the data and features they need to make your experience a great one:

  • Mobile applications that bolster team synchronization
  • SMS for easy communication
  • E-signature and online payment options that enhance convenience
  • Time tracking for transparent billing and logistics

What this means for you: Well, it’s a big improvement over dealing with the temperamental horses pulling the carriage! But it also means the moving company can leverage this technology to improve their operations and your experience.

PSST: There’s another way technology impacts moving today. It’s the availability of fast and free quote info. Try it for yourself right here! 

Moving Technology #3: Review Websites

A whopping 90% of consumers check out online reviews before visiting a business. And those reviews matter, since 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation.

If you conduct a fair amount of online research before making any substantive spending decision, you’re not alone. (Yelp is one example of such a site.)

Such websites allow you to read as many as several dozen reviews of a company, restaurant, movie … the list goes on. Those reviews can:

  • Direct you to a reputable, reliable company
  • Warn you away from what might be a problematic customer experience
  • Provide advice and suggestions about how to make the most of an interaction with a service provider

What this means for you: Do you know what’s better than online reviews? References! Be sure to ask the movers you’re interviewing for at least three references. At the same time, don’t be afraid to speak with a prospective mover about poor reviews. Rebutting an angry customer on a review site isn’t always the best option for several reasons. Having a candid conversation about the matter might help ease any concerns you have.

Technology makes your move EZ

Over the years, technology has made the moving experience better. That’s not to say good old-fashioned customer care has gone away, though. You should still expect the best because you deserve the best. Call EZ Moving and Storage at (877) 843-0102.

Since we’re talking about technology, please note that our website features a convenient online form! We’re happy to provide references, talk about the solutions we offer, and much more.