EZ Office Relocation Request Online Form

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This form below takes only minutes to complete and in a few simple steps it will help provide us with a detailed scenario for your office relocation and/or storage needs. Walk us through your office area – room by room, and please be as accurate as possible with all information. Once your form has been submitted, one of our customer service representatives will call you back with an accurate estimate of your moving or storage costs.

f you would prefer to have a more detailed free onsite office survey (recommended) estimate here in the Detroit area, you may let us know that on this form or you may simply 
email us anytime
 or just simply give us a call if you wish Monday thru Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm to to set up an appointment with one of our certified representatives. Setting up an onsite survey is a free service for you or your company. This allows us get more accurate on what the actual estimated packing, moving, and /or storage cost(s) may be.

For faster service during weekdays, please call our toll free number
Monday thru Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm for a phone quote

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to speak with one of our relocation representatives.
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Please Note: Due to fuel costs, FREE Appointments for onsite survey estimates must be scheduled within the time of 9:00am – 3:00pm Monday thru Friday on a day and time we have available. If a specific day and time is required or evening appointment is needed other than what we have available, there will be a $50.00 quote fee charged. If you or your company reserves the relocation with us, this estimate fee will be creditted back from the actual moving costs on move day.

For ease in filling out our EZ Quick Quote, only check and fill in the items you are looking at having us move and/or store. Thank you.

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Step 1 - Provide Information of Where You're Moving From:

Step 2 - Provide Information of Where You're Moving To:

Est Minutes from Old to New Office Location(Please Check this if Local Move)Est Mileage from Old to New Office Location(Please Check this if Long Distance Move)

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Step 3 - Complete Inventory of Items Being Relocated

Item CF Quantity
Aquarium 10
Aquarium Stand 5
Black Board 5
Cabinet, Filing(2 drawer) 12
Cabinet, Filing(3 drawer) 18
Cabinet, Filing(4 drawer) 25
Cabinet, Filing(5 drawer) 32
Cabinet, Lateral/Filing(2 drawer) 20
Cabinet, Lateral/Filing(3 drawer) 28
Cabinet, Lateral/Filing(4 drawer) 35
Cabinet, Lateral/Filing(5 drawer) 40
Chair, Exec 7
Chair, Secretary 5
Chair, Office 5
Coat Rack, Large 10
Coat Rack, Small 5
Conference Table, Large 35
Conference Table, Small 20
Credenza 15
Cubicle 45
Desk, Computer 20
Desk, Exec 40
Desk, Office 30
Desk, Secretary 30
Display Case 100
Hutch 15
Lamp, Floor/Pole 3
Lamp, Table 2
Magazine Rack 2
Mirror 5
Partition 9
Rugs, Large Roll or Pad 10
Rugs, Small Roll or Pad 3
Shelves, Metal/Plastic 30
Sofa, 2 Cushion 18
Sofa, 3 Cushion 22
Table, Coffee 5
Table, Drafting 30
Table, End 5
Water Cooler 5
White Board 5


Item CF Quantity
Computer w/Printer 3
Copier, Small 10
Copier, Large 15
Copier, X-Large 20
Fax Machine 5
Monitor, Flat 3
Monitor, Tube 4
Paper Shredder 4
Stereo/DVD/CD 1
20 to 32 inch TV 10
32 to 40 inch TV 15
Big Screen TV 25


Item CF Quantity
Air Conditioner 30
Dehumidifier 10
Dishwasher 10
Dryer, Electric or Gas 25
Freezer, Cu. Capacity Please select below
10 Cubic Feet or less 30
11 to 15 Cubic Feet 45
16 Cubic Feet and Up 60
Microwave Oven 10
Range, Electric or Gas 30
Refrigerators Please select below
6 Cubic Feet or less 30
7 to 10 Cubic Feet 45
11 Cubic Feet or More 60
Vacuum Cleaner 5
Washing Machine 25

Basement or Miscellaneous Items

Item CF Quantity
Ash or Trash Can 7
Cabinet, 2 Drawer Filing 10
Cabinet, 4 Drawer Filing 15
Card Table 1
Chairs, Folding 1
Desk 20
Fan 5
Foot Lockers 5
Garbage Cans 7
Heater, Gas or Electric 5
Incinerator 10
Metal Shelves 5
Ping Pong Table 20
Power Tools 20
Stands, Fern or Plant 2
Step Ladder 5
Table, Utility 5
Tool Chest 10
Waste Paper Basket 2
Work Bench 20

Boxes and Tubs

Small Boxes 1.5
Medium Boxes 3.0
Large Boxes 4.5
File Boxes 1.5
Portable Closets 7.0
Plastic Containers Medium 4.5
Picture / Mirror Boxes 2.0
Rubbermaid Tubs Small 3.5
Plastic Containers Large 5.0