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Moving Company Reviews & Moving Testimonials - Michigan

Customer Moving Experience's with EZ Moving & Storage

Referred, Preferred Movers of Michigan

Still wondering who to use for your home relocation? We'd like to think that we're your best choice for a high quality professional mover in Michigan and we welcome the opportunity to prove it to you..

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We are a BBB A+ Accredited Business

Quality first...Smiles last.

We are an A+ Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau.

We work so hard in all facets of our cusomters relocation, so much so, that over the years we have earned 5 star awards for our professionalism in the art of relocation! We invite you to take a moment to read our reviews and testimonials from some recent relocations we have done in Michigan over the years by viewing and sampling some of our customers moving experiences sent to us when using our professional movers here at EZ Moving and Storage. We take extreme measures to ensure quality and customer service are the very best. We have included a few recent residential moves we have completed for your viewing to aid you in your decision when choosing us to do your move.

To view more, please visit our main operation center showroom or read more About Us. We have a huge wall dedicated to all the hard work and talent of our mover crews. Our company wants you to see and feel the experience of moving made the EZ way.

EZ Moving & Storage is quite simply one of the best and most affordable family owned and operated relocation companies for the quality of service you can get and price you can afford. And we make it that way because we offer complete customer service and support before, during, and after each relocation. With this, we know we will get satisfied customers after each move we do. We simply make moving EZ!

We often get asked many questions about our reputation and what our customer experiences have been when they have used our local and long distance moving services. Of all the questions we take in, this question your about to read comes up the most.

Real World Statistics - A Community Mover from 1994 to Present

You ask... "What's your reputation like and what kind of customer service record do you have with your moving company?"

We're so glad you asked! We work on a premise that if we lay everything out before you and hide nothing, that our reputation and track record will speak for itself. Over the course of being in business for 21+ years now and counting, we have learned that the only way to true success is trying to make sure our customers are happy and that above all that our honesty and our integrity prove to be our priority over anything else and we would like the chance to show you the following statistics. Our professional family owned & operated moving & storage company performs approximately 1,950+ relocations in the United States and Worldwide each year and in all honesty, we average about 1 complaint (1 unsatisfied customer) a year with the Better Business Bureau.

In the year 2012, we received / recorded NO complaints. In 2013, we have received just 1 complaint, 2014 we received NO complaints and recently in 2015 we have successfully completed all relocation services with zero (0) complaints. Within a 3 year timeframe, we've recorded a total of just 1 complaint over the past 36 months of BBB / Better Business Bureau reporting. In all, that’s just 1 complaint for the 5,850 customers EZ Moving & Storage has moved in the last 3 years time to present. If you average it out, that comes out to just 1 complaint for 5,849 customers we have moved in the Detroit area, United States, and Worldwide! That is an impeccable record in our eyes for the remaining 5,849 satisfied customers we have moved. And while we feel this is a good record, we do not get complacent with our current grade status.

See for yourself! >>> Current Grade at the Better Business Bureau | A+ Status - See report here

What's our secret?

While we treat each and every customer with the satisfaction they deserve and while our best efforts have been made to these 2 complaints we have received in three years time, our company and all of its employees do not get complacent. We all as a team try harder than ever to achieve optimum satisfaction on every move we do by making sure our customer is experiencing a truly professional relocation experience and is satisfied before and after the move is done. We want you to refer us to your family, friends, collegues, and make us your mover for life...

A quality mover created by its employees who care...

What does this all mean? If there is a problem, we work with you to solve our problem together and hopefully come to an amicable agreement for settlements, damage claims, or other ill factors that you may have experienced using our services. To insure that our future is secure, we have many internal meetings with our Drivers, Management, and other pertinent personnel after our relocations have been completed to ensure that whatever the problem that developed or was experienced...we examine all facets of the move dissecting it step by step and collectively that all of us company-wide try not to repeat these issues for our future customers relocations.


Customer comments from relocations completed over the years and read customer reviews that were posted here on EZ Moving & Storage below:

Or check out our commment links below or move over to Angies List, Yelp, My Moving Reviews for more unbiased reviews:

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Past reviews over the years:  Write a Review

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  • Posted By: Donna G. - November 29, 2012
    Subject: Long Distance Move with Storage - Chicago IL MI to Storage to South Bend IN
    This is the second time I have used EZ Movers. The first time was within the city of Chicago and the most recent time was to move out of state. I worked with Debbie to plan the details of the move. She is very easy to work with and very responsive to questions. When my team of movers arrived to move my belongings, they were very friendly and worked hard. I had a 2 bedroom condo and 2 movers were sent. They worked as a great team! They even did some extra wrapping of my belongings to protect them better. Overall my experience was very positive.
  • Posted By: Mary B. - November 28, 2012
    Dave and Mike were the BEST! They were FAST and EFFICIENT!! Never scratched any of our furniture or nicked the walls or door frames. They were friendly and courteous and made sure each piece was in the exact place that we wanted it to be.I am really glad that we had Dave and Mike as our movers because they exceeded our expectations and did a fantastic job!! Would definitely refer to a friend and also rehire.
  • Posted By: Joe S.. - November 16, 2012
    Subject: Local Move - Canton MI to Westland MI
    I'll be honest I had a bad experience with EZ last year. They basically didn't show up for the moving appointment and we had to reschedule until the next business day. However they did heavily discount our move and offered an extra mover for help. With that said we decided to go with them again this fall. They were AMAZING. The company completely redeemed themselves and a little extra. We had items at 5 different locations and they moved me in a fair time frame and price. I worked with Rob at the Fraser location and he made everything a breeze. They did right by my family and we're grateful for it
  • Posted By: Rosa C. ‎ - October 22, 2012
    Subject: Local Move - Rochester Hills MI to Novi MI
    The overall price of the whole move was $824.00. Pickup was on time with 2 movers. Insurance packages were discussed and purchased. Movers began to move items into their truck carefully. Items were wrapped and padded when necessary. Delivery was on time and fast. Our movers moved items where they needed to go and were very accommodating. Overall, the move was great. Thank you EZ Moving & Storage!
  • Posted By: ‎Kristen D.- October 19, 2012
    Subject: Local Move - Macomb MI to Shelby Township MI
    EZ moving company was great to work with. The first person we spoke with was named Rob. He was friendly and very helpful. He took the time to give us an accurate quote. Because of his customer service we felt comfortable booking this company for our move.On the day of our move two men, Steve and Lamont, arrived on time and ready to work. They were very friendly, which made having to spend all day with them easy. They also worked hard and quickly loaded all of our belongings into the truck. Everything got to our new house safely. These two guys worked their butts off all day. We couldn't have been happier and are so glad they came to help us! Thanks Steve, Lamont and EZ Moving and Storage for helping us with our move!
  • Posted By: ‎Carolin S.- June 21, 2012
    Subject: Local Move - Shelby Township MI to Utica MI
    My husband and I have used EZ Moving & Storage before and had a great experience so we immediately called them for an estimate this time around as well. Rob was a pleasure to deal with and made sure to provide me with an accurate estimate for our local move. On moving day, the 3-man crew arrived a half hour earlier than expected; they worked diligently and efficiently. We have a armoire that we were concerned with because it's very large and heavy. Our movers moved it effortlessly. We are pleased with EZ Moving & Storage services and we recommend their services to family.
  • Posted By: ‎Richard B .- May 2, 2012
    Subject: Local Move - Washington Township MI to Oakland Township MI
    I would and will recommend EZ Moving to all. Great Job!!! Robert and Josh where professional, fast and efficient. I could not be happier. Not only did they wrap all of my items in furniture pads and pack my mattresses for free they also did so in the estimated moving time.   I did not hesitate to tip these 2 guys and would do so again. Thank you EZ

  • Posted By: H Martin ‎ - Feb 2, 2012
    Subject: Local Move - Clarkston MI to Bloomfield Hills MI
    I went with EZ Moving & Storage for my move of my 4000 sq ft home in Clarkston to a larger 6000 sq ft home in Bloomfield Hills and i must say...having moved 5 times in the last 10 years, this professional moving company i chose is the best movers i have ever had. Although their prices are somewhat higher than other movers i considered, i received the quality and service i needed from this company for my items in my home. If you want they best, expect the best, give these movers a call! I considered 4 other movers, but this company and its representative they sent gave me the feeling that i was going to get a good move. And guess what?..They came through for me. Thank you EZ Movers!

  • Posted By: Joel ‎ - Jan 29, 2012
    Subject: Local Move - Farmington Hills MI to Bloomfield Hills MI
    These movers are quick. If you need fast movers for your apartment or home in Bloomfield Hills, be sure to get these guys. Fast, affordable and quick! Great Job!!
  • Posted By: Sharon H. ‎ - Jan 23, 2012
    Subject: Local Move - West Bloomfield MI to Ann Arbor MI
    I recently moved used this moving company from West Bloomfield to Ann Arbor Michigan and they broke a lamp of mine. But out of a whole truck they moved what seemed like about a thousand pieces, all they broke was the lamp. I was angry at first, but when the lamp broke, they movers brought it to my attention and then they called the office and management gave me a discount off my bill so i could afford to go buy a new one! Thank God for that! They made an angry customer a happy one. I now know who i can use for my goodies in my home when i need to move! Thank you so much EZ Moving and Storage.
    Posted By: IdeaMan ‎ - Jan 15, 2012
    Subject: Local Move - Macomb Township MI to Redford MI
    Great Job EZ Moving! Please thank Steve and Ryan for a good job! Will use again!
  • Posted By: Annette J. ‎ - June 16, 2011
    Subject: Local Move - Chicago IL to Ann Arbor MI
    I had a great experience with EZ Moving a few weeks ago hauling some stuff I've had in storage in Chicago and it made moving all that crap a total breeze! Admittedly they came a bit later than I had anticipated but they had to drive from here to Chicago so I don't hold traffic and all that against them. And once they showed up, man they killed it. They took inventory of all the boxes and the furniture, marking it down carefully. Then they hauled all the boxes (which were heavy as all get out thanks to my book and cd addiction) with ease to and from the space to the truck. Also the furniture was handled carefully and packed expertly into the truck as well. I felt 100% confident that they were taking care of my belongings. They got back to Michigan pretty late so instead of unloading that night they came to the storage space near my house in the morning. Again, it was a little later than anticipated but my mom met them at the space and another set of movers quickly piled everything from the truck in, again taking care and not harming any of the items. I haven't unpacked those boxes yet to see if any of the items got broken in the move but nothing was flipped in the truck and everything was stacked as it had been when they first put it in so I don't anticipate finding anything ruined. The furniture came out just fine and everything is neatly stacked in the storage space for me to move once I end up in a more permanent living situation. It isn't cheap hiring movers across a couple of state lines but the ease of this move and the fact that I got up the next morning without pain or exhaustion made the cost well worth it. It also helps that I finally have all my stuff with me in the same state. I've missed you, Freaks and Geeks DVD set!

  • Posted By: Richard Colson - 4/8/11 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Clinton Township MI to Bloomfield Hills MI
    On Friday, April 8th, Richard Colson and I hired your company for our move from Clinton Township to Bloomfield Hills MI. It was a rainy day so we were not only anxious about the move but also concerned about the weather and our furniture getting wet. We just wanted to take a moment to tell you how unfounded our concerns were. The two gentlemen you sent were absolutely wonderful to work with. They were personable, professional, extremely efficient, careful and caring. They handled each piece of furniture as if it were there own. We could not have had two better movers if we had hand-picked them ourselves. We would appreciate it if their direct supervisory staff be forwarded this e-mail so they can receive the kudos and acknowledgement they genuinely deserve. We assure you that any time we can refer you to someone we most certainly will. It is rare in this day in age for a company to follow through with their service promises but you did so and exceeded them. Thank You. Richard J. Colson & Mary Jeannine Gioia / JCAHO Compliance Officer - Saber-Salisbury Group Medical Staffing Network - Branch 336 Ph:(800) 543-1963 ext. 6110

  • Posted By: John Wesenberg - 10/01/10 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Chesterfield MI to Clinton Township MI
    Very professional, careful, thanks.
  • Posted By: Glenda Ramirez - 08/26/10 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Troy MI to Dearborn MI
    Crew was very courteous, kind, polite, hardworking! Thank you!
  • Posted By: Mark G. - 06/26/10 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Troy MI to EZ Moving Storage Units
    Friendly, Hard Working, honest, very satisfied.
  • Posted By: John Wesenberg - 06/01/10 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Detroit MI to Grosse Pointe Woods MI
    I rate this moving company a 10! Will recommend to everyone i know - crew was excellent!

  • Posted By: Dan Schlicker - 05/22/10 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Canton MI to Canton MI
    Quick, Good movers, highly recommend!

  • Posted By: Sharon B. - 05/06/10 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Packing Services - Detroit MI
    Very satisfied! Movers showed experience and cared about my precious items! Thank you!
  • Posted By: Rob E. - 4/02/10 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Berkley MI to Huntington Woods MI
    Great team Friendly Will Recommend!

  • Posted By: Terri M. - 03/26/10 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - EZ Moving Storage Units to Ann Arbor MI
    Great Guys! Willing to do anything!
  • Posted By: Raymond B. - 02/01/10 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Rochester MI to Rochester Hills MI
    Nice Job Guys! Very effiicient

  • Posted By: Kelly G. - 12/8/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Troy MI to Birmingham MI
    Hello - I had EZ Moving and Storage help me move out of my office space, and move my storage room to my old laundry room and then they set up my new home office! Danny and Karim were helpful, positive, and efficient. I was really happy with their services, and will call them again if I need anything. They also beat their estimate by a few dollars - so that was great! They were also willing to deal with my messy house -and were very nice about getting the job done!
    Thanks! Customer in Birmingham, MI
    Kelly G.
  • Posted By: Dennis and Rhonda Williams - 12/7/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Farmington Hills MI to Redford MI
    Just a quick note to commend Josh and Tony for the outstanding job they did today moving us from Farmington Hills to Redford, Michigan. They were friendly yet professional and placed each item exactly where we wanted it to go. We have moved a couple of times before and each time it was a nightmare with the movers. I would not hesitate to refer your company to anyone looking for a moving company.
    Thanks....Dennis and Rhonda Williams
  • Posted By: Edward Quenneville - 11/21/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Roseville MI to New Baltimore MI
    I want to make it known how incredibly satisfied we were with the two gentlemen that moved us on the above date; Karim and Doug.
    Everything we asked to be done or instructions we gave were done in a professional, quick and careful manner. They were both very mannerly and efficient and hard workers. I really can't say enough about them.
    When we got to our home, they started the unload and we raced back to get some things that were unable to fit in the truck or the cars. By the time we got back, we just missed them by about 15 minutes or so and I very much would have given them a tip.
    Please convey my thanks to these gentlemen.
    Edward Quenneville
  • Posted By: Scott Pitts - 9/11/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Roseville MI to Grosse Pointe Woods MI
    To the folks at EZ Moving & Storage
    Hello Rob/Greg/Dawn, etc.,
    I wanted to be sure I told you right away how fantastic the crew was you sent out to me today. Tony (driver), Allan, and Danny couldn't have been more energetic, courteous, accommodating, helpful, patient, and enjoyable than they were. The move took place without a hitch, went very quickly, and was a positive experience.
    By the time they finished the move, I felt I was saying farewell to favorite family members, or long-time friends. I have always been so very pleased with your movers over the years (and at least 4-5 moves!), but today's crew was, without doubt, the best you have ever sent, and the best I have ever encountered.
    Please be sure to let them know how pleased I was. I told them myself, but I think it makes a person feel appreciated when they know someone took the time to put it in writing. Tony, Allan, and Danny did an exceptional job today, and I want you to know how pleased I am. Thank you for sending me what, I consider to be, your best crew!!!
    Scott Pitts
  • Posted By: Tina Weiksnar - 6/13/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Wyandotte MI to Grosse Pointe MI
    Hi Rob,
    I just wanted to thank you and the crew who moved us last Friday, they were great, very careful with our belongings and certainly hustled to get us in our new home. We apparantly have more stuff than we realized.
    Thanks, I'll definitely recommend EZ Moving & Storage to anyone looking for reliable movers.
    Tina Weiksnar
  • Posted By: Kris Michaela - 3/18/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Local Move - Dearborn Heights MI to Dearborn MI
    Hi there EZ Moving. I am not sure who will be reading this email, but hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears.
    I am a little tardy in sending the, but better late than never.
    I used your services to move my Mother on 2/28/09 from her condo in Dearborn Heights to her new condo in Dearborn. The team that came was a group of three men who’s names were Kareem, Robert, and Alan. Well, I just wanted you to know they were awesome! VERY polite, professional and showed that my Mom was the customer.
    I have been moved 5 times (across country) by professionals and I would have to say, hands down this group of guys has been the best team I have ever worked with!
    I chose your company based upon Rob's knowledge and professionalism, and that you are a part of the Bekin's family.
    Kris Michaela
  • Posted By: Connie Priess -02/28/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Moving Feedback - Saline MI to Manchester MI
    Rob,I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy we were with our moving crew! Justin and Jason were a pleasure to work with. They moved everything with great care, and took the time to make sure everything was placed just how we wanted it. If we should ever move again, I would call your team back in a minute! I’ll be sure to send my friends and family your way.Thx,
    Connie I. Priess
    CGI ComGraphics, Inc.
  • Posted By: Debra Yamstein - 2/22/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Moving Feedback - Ferndale MI to Oak Park MI
    I just wanted to write and tell you how satisfied we were with Bill and Alan. They were both very professional, careful with out possessions and friendly to work with. We had never hired a moving company before and were leery about it this time because of all the horror stories we had heard. Bill and Alan put us right at ease with their attitudes, their strong work ethic and their focus. If your company has a recognition program for a job well done, these two deserve it. I will certainly recommend your company in the future based on the work that Bill and Alan did.
    Debra Yamstein
  • Posted By: Mary Arnold – 2/14/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Residential Relocation – Livonia MI to Northville MI
    Hello, Dawn,
    Thank you for great customer service that made our move easy. Kevin and Jason were timely, customer focused, accommodating and efficient. They were excellent representatives of your company. I would recommend EZ Moving and Storage without hesitation.
    Best regards,
    Mary Arnold
  • Posted By: Evigia Systems Inc – 02/11/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Office Company Relocation – Ann Arbor MI to Ann Arbor MI
    Excellent work and the moving crew were very careful.
    Haleh Najafi
  • Posted By: Mary Thompson – 01/30/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Relocation North Carolina NC to Michigan MI
    Customer Service at EZ Moving & Storage,
    In regards to my move, I would like to thank your representative Dawn and your moving company for doing a great job coordinating the recent move of my belongings from Harrisburg NC to Battle Creek MI. She was extremely professional and took care of everything. Also, the moving team, especially your Driver Mike Walker and his helper Ron, did a great job and took great care of my furniture. I have had prior moves that were absolute nightmares. Thanks to you and your team for a job well done!
  • Posted By: Staffing Tree 01/26/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Office Company Relocation – Sylvan Lake MI to Sylvan Lake MI
    Great Movers! Will hire again for sure!
    Elizabeth Kahn
  • Posted By: Larry Hagwood 01/24/08 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Home Residential Relocation – Wixom MI to Walled Lake MI
    These guys worked their rear end off and did a great job under tough circumstances!
  • Posted By: The Youth Connection 01/23/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Office Relocation
    Excellent Team! Very Professional – Great move!
    Jeff Griffith
    Downtown Detroit to Detroit
  • Posted by: Ron Kramarczyk 1/14/09 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Office Company Relocation – Centerline MI to Troy MI
    I would like to let you know that your company was EXCELLENT in helping us to move some items from office to office!!! I called Rob and within one hour I was talking to a representative in my office and giving me a quote. The very next morning we were moving!!! The guys that came arrived exactly when I was told and then 4 hours later, we were done!!! It was truly excellent and I appreciate the TEAM effort that was put in!! Thank you again for all your efforts.
    Ron Kramarczyk
    East Michigan Administrator
    Family Home Health Services
  • Posted by: Dan Dubeau 12/19/08 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Moving Experience - EZ Moving & Storage Company
    To Whom it May Concern:
    I have moved 9 times over my 20 year career - including an overseas move to Germany and back. I can tell you this: the EZ Moving crew of Keith and his helper Mike that loaded us and delivered the first shipment was probably the best crew I have come across in those 20 years.
    My record speaks for itself - I know a lot about moving cross-country. I will tell you Rob, Keith is a tremendous asset to your organization. His technical skill is exceptional - service was superb - quality of the work unmatched. Not a single blemish, scratch or ding. And Mike is the same way. He is quickly learning from Keith and was a an absolute pleasure to work with. I trusted that these two men were handling my belongings as if they were their own.
    I can also tell you that my account manager Dawn who handled my move is very responsive and provides great service too.
    I would do business with Dawn and EZ Moving & Storage again.
    5 STARS! Keep up the great work!
    Dan Dubeau
    Very Satisfied Moving Customer
    Detroit, Michigan to Cranford, New Jersey
  • Posted by: Eric Gavin 11/06/2008 Review: Move completed
    Subject: They were fast, efficient, friendly
    I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to you Dawn and your company for the manner in which I was treated, from your pleasant tone to Robert’s accuracy in the time estimate to the professionalism of your crew. They were fast, efficient, friendly and most of all careful with all of our belongings from beginning to end. You don't always get good service these days so when you do I feel it's only right to pass along my feeling of satisfaction.
  • Posted by: Evelin K. Johnson 11/05/2008 Review: Move completed
    Subject: Thank you for helping me move
    Just a short e-mail to thank your movers, Gary and John for the wonderful job they did moving my stuff to storage on Sunday, June 1, 2008. I had a few more items than originally estimated but they were very accommodating in handling this unexpected change.
  • Posted by: Catherine J. Drabant - 10/29/2008 Review: Move completed
    Subject: for a job well done!
    Dawn: Just wanted to say Thank You to you and to the moving crew (Keith and Nelson) for a job well done!!!! Made a move on Saturday in the rain and both my guys were superior. Not only did they work as a team, they were polite, funny, enjoyable and very professional. I will pass along the word about your company.
    Special Thank You to Keith and Nelson for a job well done!
  • Review: Move completed December 5, 2007 - Barbara C. Moved Fenton MI to Ann Arbor MI
    She wrote: Nothing damaged - Great crew, Shawn & Don
  • Review: Move completed December 12, 2007 - Rob L. Moved Royal Oak MI to Macomb Township MI
    He wrote: Great job Rob, Jeremy, Dashawn! Would use this crew again. I will recommend your company to others!
  • Move completed December 13, 2007 - Jason O. Moved Harrison Twp MI to St.Clair Shores MI
    He wrote: Don & Karl S. did a great job. Really fast. Will hire for next move
  • Review: Move completed December 15, 2007 - Scott J. Moved Smiths Creek MI to Owendale MI
    He wrote: All 6 men did a great job! Thanks!
  • Review: Move completed December 16, 2007 - Salil D. Moved Rochester MI to Farmington Hills MI
    He wrote: Harold & Donald were very professional,, courteous, & friendly. Will get their services again!
  • Review: Move completed December 17, 2007 - Deborah F. Moved Rochester MI to Mount Clemens MI
    She wrote: Rob & Carl Lee earned every penny. Great Job!

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Also Monroe County, MI Carleton Dundee Lambertville Luna Pier Maybee Milan Monroe Rockwood South Rockwood Eaton County, MI Bellevue Charlotte Dimondale Eaton Rapids Grand Ledge Lansing Mulliken Olivet Potterville Sunfield Self Storage Moving Labor Weekly Moves to Chicago, IL Cincinnati, OH Michigan MI Mich

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