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West Bloomfield MI Michigan Home / Office Pro Mover and Storage

EZ Moving / Moving and Storage is West Bloomfield solution for a Professional Mover

Get a mover in Michigan that will make moving in Michigan easy. No matter whether you are changing places and you need some of our men on the move, we have the pro movers you need in Michigan.

When you hire us to move you in or to or from West Bloomfield , Michigan you get more than just a mover, we’ll send out our AAA rated professional movers. Our Local Moves and Long Distance moves in the State of Michigan or moves to Upper Michigan moving crews are generally one truck and two men in size although we have the capability to enlarge our crews up to a 14 man crew or larger if needed. Our professional moving men will handle all of the heavy stuff along with all of the light stuff that you need to have moved. Since we’re professionals, we don’t need a large crew of movers in Michigan to move you. Just one truck and two men is generally all that is needed to make your move in Michigan.

Whether you need residential movers or commercial movers in Michigan, to get a certified mover in Michigan, visit our main site where we offer many services for moving or you can choose our free online moving quote for your move in Michigan. Many Michigan realtors often recommend our services as movers in Michigan. Why? Because we provide cheap moves in Michigan that are affordable moves for most anyones budget. We provide Heated Storage Services where we have an onsite facility to help you store all of your home furnishings while you re in transition to your new home.

Do you prefer self storage? If so, we can move you into your storage unit. We also have moving labor services for PODS (personal on demand storage) type storage too.

We also offer many Coupons to save to you money on many services and products we provide. We also have moving services for senior citizen or union members moves at discounted rates. We offer in house moves along with inter city moves and as such are one of the most preferred movers in Michigan. For those that don’t have the time to professionally pack their belongings prior to moving, we can also provide discount moving packing services for your move in Michigan.

To learn more about how getting a mover in Michigan with one truck and two men will make your move seem as easy 1.2.3., hire the moving company in Michigan that is just movers in Michigan, the moving company that is most preferred and realtor recommended, EZ Moving / Moving and Storage for your new home.

EZ Moving has Professional Movers and Storage Services for any house and office relocation need in West Bloomfield MI

Area Code 248 – Call us toll free at (888) 218-3115

West Bloomfield Movers Storage Services Company – We Sell Boxes!


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Statistics and Facts of White Lake Michigan

Land area: 33.7 sq. mi.
Water area: 3.5 sq. mi.
Population: 28,219 (92% urban, 8% rural)

Males: 14,119 (50.0%)
Females: 14,100 (50.0%)

Occupied houses/apartments: 27,936 (26,016 owner occupied, 1,920 renter occupied)

% of renters here: 7%
State: 26%

Median age of males: 36.4
Median age of females: 36.6

Average houshold size: 2.77
Average family size: 3.15

Population density: 838 people per square mile (very high).

Residents with income below the poverty level in 1999:

This township: 3.1%
Whole state: 10.5%

Residents with income below 50% of the poverty level in 1999:

This township: 1.6%
Whole state: 4.8%

Notable locations in this township outside city limits:

Notable location: Twin Lakes Country Club.

Cemeteries: White Lake Cemetery, Lakeside Cemetery.

Lakes: Mandon Lake, McWithy Lake, Mead Lake, Beaty Lake, Mud Lake, Neva, Lake, Ona, Lake, Oxbow Lake.

Housing units in structures:

One, detached: 8,557
One, attached: 102
Two: 15
3 or 4: 99
5 to 9: 72
10 to 19: 131
20 to 49: 45
50 or more: 7
Mobile homes: 1,590
Boats, RVs, vans, etc.: 29

Median worth of mobile homes: $26,300

Housing units in White Lake township with a mortgage: 6,116 (490 second mortgage, 1,266 home equity loan, 14 both second mortgage and home equity loan)
Houses without a mortgage: 1,242

Most common first ancestries reported in White Lake township:
German (20.8%)
Irish (12.2%)
English (10.2%)
Polish (9.1%)
United States or American (8.0%)
Italian (7.1%)
French (except Basque) (4.6%)

Means of transportation to work

Drove a car alone: 13,153 (88%)
Carpooled: 1,109 (7%)
Bus or trolley bus: 28 (0%)
Subway or elevated: 13 (0%)
Motorcycle: 15 (0%)
Walked: 69 (0%)
Other means: 35 (0%)
Worked at home: 460 (3%)

Private vs. public school enrollment:
Students in private schools in grades 1 to 8 (elementary and middle school): 203

Here: 5.5%
Michigan: 11.2%

Students in private schools in grades 9 to 12 (high school): 145

Here: 8.3%
Michigan: 8.7%

Students in private undegraduate colleges: 200

Here: 19.1%
Michigan: 16.5%

We service local and long distance moves for the following zip code:

West Bloomfield, MI 48322, 48323, 48324, 48325

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