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Get a Furniture Mover instead of renting a truck here in New Baltimore Michigan

Dont Rent that Truck and do the hard labor yourself! We cost about the same as a renting a truck and you dont have to do the work! We are very affordable and we have pro movers.

Not using EZ Moving and renting a truck; you could end up paying for:

  1. Truck Rental Fee – 24 foot size (standard rate 79.99 plus tax at Ryder, Budget, or U Haul)
  2. Gas of Using the truck ($75.00 in gas or more)
  3. Insurance Coverage ($45.00 Comp and Collision Coverage)
  4. Mileage @ .79 cents a mile (your cost @ about 80 miles avg – local move $63.20)
  5. Lots of pads ($12.00 per dozen) (say a typical move needs about 5 dozen – rent cost $60.00)
  6. Equipment – Dollies (25.00 rental fee)
  7. Help (food, drinks, and favors $50.00 – maybe more with the favors to each who helps)
  8. and a lock ($10.00)
  9. Your valuable time / gas to set this all up.

Grand Total for Doing it Yourself? $408.19 or more plus tax!

Surprised? Just think….Using us could cost less than this! We only have a one (1) hour minimum charge plus a low flat rate truck fee.

We service local and long distance moving needs for the following area codes:

Chesterfield Truck Rental Movers for area codes 586, 248, 734, 810, 313

Get a State Licensed and Insured Mover in for your storage unit in Michigan that will make moving in Michigan as easy as possible. Our BBB rated moving company can move you and your self stored goods within Michigan or anywhere in the world!

EZ Moving / Moving and Storage is your Michigan solution for a Professional Mover instead of renting a truck!

We are the mover in Michigan that will make moving in Michigan easy. No matter whether you are changing places and you need some of our men on the move, we have the movers you need in Michigan to get it done. Short notice is welcomed..

When you hire us to move you in or to or from Metro Detroit Area for truck rental mover needs.

Michigan you get more than just a mover, we’ll send out professional movers. Our Local Moves local and Long Distance moves in the State of Michigan or moves to Upper Michigan moving crews are generally one truck and two men in size although we have the capability to enlarge our crews up to a 14 man crew if needed. Our professional moving men will handle all of the heavy stuff along with all of the light stuff that you need to have moved. Since we’re professionals, we don’t need a large crew of movers in Michigan to move you. Just one truck and a two man crew is generally all that is needed to make your move in Michigan.

Whether you need residential movers or commercial movers in Michigan for your rental truck, to get a certified mover in Michigan, visit our main site where we offer many services for moving or you can choose our free online moving quote for your move in Michigan. Many Michigan realtorsoften recommend our services as movers in Michigan. Why? Because we provide cheap moves in Michigan that are affordable moves for most anyones budget.

We also have moving labor services for PODS (personal on demand storage) type storage too. Need boxes too? We have them all!

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City of Chesterfield Township Facts

Land area: 21.8 sq. mi.
Water area: 0.0 sq. mi.
Population: 36,722 (all urban)
Housing count: 13,721
Median age of males: 32.6
Median age of females: 32.9

Average houshold size: 2.78
Average family size: 3.22

Notable locations in this township outside city limits:

Notable location: Salt River Golf Course.

Church in Chesterfield township: Maple Grove Church.

Cemeteries: Hart Cemetery, Union Cemetery.

Lake: Tranquillity, Lake.

Streams, rivers, and creeks: Auvase Creek, Brandenburg Drain, Crandall Drain, Pitts Drain, Fish Creek, Sutherland Oemig Drain, Fuller Drain, Kirkham Drain, Peltier Drain.Park in Chesterfield township: Kolping Park.Foreign born population: 1,397 (3.8%)
(2.1% are naturalized citizens)
41% of Chesterfield township residents lived in the same house 5 years ago.
Out of people who lived in different houses, 68% lived in this county.
Out of people who lived in different counties, 67% lived in Michigan.

Place of birth for U.S.-born residents:

Median price asked for vacant for-sale houses in 2000: $186,200
Year house built:

  • 1999 to March 2000: 932
  • 1995 to 1998: 2839
  • 1990 to 1994: 1414
  • 1980 to 1989: 2910
  • 1970 to 1979: 3160
  • 1960 to 1969: 944
  • 1950 to 1959: 842
  • 1940 to 1949: 339
  • 1939 or earlier: 365

Housing units in structures:

  • One, detached: 8,889
  • One, attached: 1,551
  • Two: 171
  • 3 or 4: 460
  • 5 to 9: 572
  • 10 to 19: 613
  • 20 to 49: 125
  • 50 or more: 182
  • Mobile homes: 1,182

Median worth of mobile homes: $21,300

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