Common Moving Mistakes

Common moving mistakes are the bane of so many people … though they are readily avoidable once you know what to watch out for. Here are seven common moving mistakes and how you can avoid them in your next move.

Moving Mistake #1: Not Hiring a Moving Company

We’re all interested in saving money. It always seems to be in short supply, especially around the time of a move. But carefully deliberate when deciding whether to hire a moving company. Injuries are a regular occurrence during the moving process and can include strained backs and knees, broken fingers, and cuts. It can take as long as 10 weeks to recover from a back strain. That means skimping on professional movers might not save you money in the long run. In fact, it could cost you big.

Moving Mistake #2: Not interviewing a moving company

Deciding to use a moving company is only part of the battle. Be sure to interview no fewer than three prospective movers. For each of them, request references that you may call. Any reputable mover will be able to reply to such a request immediately. Interpret any hesitation to provide such information as a great big red flag.

Moving Mistake #3: Not preparing well in advance

Instructions for building the simplest LEGO sets recommend a four-step preparation process. If your plans aren’t as robust, you’re heading toward one of the most common moving mistakes … and trouble. The kind of trouble that results in high stress, bickering, broken items, and worse. You probably have easy access to a pen, pad of paper, and the time required to work out a moving plan. Put that access to good use.

Moving Mistake #4: Not purging unnecessary items before the move

Moving a heavy box or piece of furniture stinks. Moving a heavy box or piece of furniture that you don’t even want stinks even more. Don’t make the mistake of hauling to your new home any paperwork, books, furniture, and other items you don’t want. The list you started after reading #3, above? Make sure “Purge unnecessary/unwanted items before packing” is toward the top. Take whatever you can’t sell, donate, give away, or recycle at the curb well in advance of any packing.

Moving Mistake #5: Discarding important accessories

Be careful about what you purge, though. It can be tempting to toss that stray electronics cable, extension cord, dongle, or adapter, but hold off. Once the move is complete, audit your electronics devices to ensure they all have their required accessories. Even if no use for those strays becomes clear, keep them for one year. If a need does not present itself during that time, it’s a safe bet that you can throw them away. As far as common moving mistakes are concerned, it’s nice to have one with an easy fix, right?

Moving Mistake #6: Not packing a box well

This has happened to you before. You stack one box atop another, only to find that the bottom box is half empty. The result: a crushed lower box and lopsided stack that recalls the Leaning Tower Of Pisa more than an effective column of cardboard boxes. Avoid this problem by packing each box so that it is as full as possible without being too heavy to carry. Packing supplies that you might have on hand, like peanuts, air pillows, wrapping paper, may be able to help you level things off.

Moving Mistake #7: Not labeling boxes

Are you one of those computer users with a desktop screen cluttered with files as far as the eye can see, stretching from the left of the screen to the right? One day soon you’ll have to archive those files, and the process of identifying each one and where it goes will be aggravating. It would have been best to arrange them as you worked, right? The same goes for packing. You don’t need to label your moving boxes, of course. No one will force you. But you’ll regret it immediately upon arriving at your new home and surveying dozens of mystery boxes, the contents of which await their new settings.

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