5 Ways to Bravely Face a Long-Distance Move

Long-distance moves aren’t for the faint of heart. Packing up everything you own and relocating to an entirely new state — or even a new country — is a tall order even for the bravest among us.

That’s likely one of the reasons long-distance moves don’t happen often. Americans moving between states accounted for a mere 1.5% of all moves in 2017. Only about 0.4% of Americans moved to another country during that same period.

If you find yourself about to tackle a long-distance move, we can help ensure you face the experience fearlessly with the following five tips.

1. Pick the low-hanging fruit. Moves over a short distance or a long distance should cover the same “no-brainer” steps. This includes beginning preparation as far ahead of time as possible, labeling boxes, ensuring the kids feel involved, and making plans for pets. Approximately 35 million people move each year, and it’s a safe bet those that had the easiest time of it leveraged such tips. But since long-distance moves can crank the stress up a notch, you should also consider these other suggestions.

2. Go for a money-saving “two-fer” whenever you can. Donating items you no longer need or want, rather than hauling them with you, achieves two things: it decreases the cost of your move and, if you’re careful to save all relevant receipts, prepares you for a tax dedication that can help offset the cost of the move. Similarly, driving your car to your new home, if it’s within a reasonable distance, saves you shipping costs on the vehicle as well as travel expenses.

3. Avoid being penny wise and pound foolish. Be on the lookout for long-distance moving frustrations and failures masquerading as money-saving tips. Getting boxes for free from your local grocer sounds like a great idea. But will those boxes be of a uniform size, strength, and durability? Likely not, setting up a variety of potential issues throughout the move. A majority of the items you and your family own are going into those boxes — it’s okay to spend a little on them. (Besides, comic books and crouton crumbs don’t go well together.)

4. Interview multiple moving companies. We’re going to go ahead and assume you’re going to hire a moving company. Any other decision would be a catastrophic folly — almost as bad as hiring long-distance movers without conducting proper due diligence. And due diligence in this situation means interviewing three or four moving companies, getting referrals, and speaking with those referrals. It also means checking out online reviews at sites such as Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor.

5. Prep a soft landing. The most dangerous times in a commercial jetliner? Takeoff and landing, since those are the times during a flight that require the most maneuvering and are closest to the ground. If we look at a long-distance move like a flight, much of what we’ve discussed so far concerns takeoff. Let’s think about the landing a little bit. Is your destination clean, or did the previous occupants leave it messier than you’d like? Is it safe? Houses on the market often sport Realtor lockboxes to make showings easier; unfortunately, those lockboxes have made it easier for crooks at times, too. Having a friend or family member make sure all is well before your family arrives can make your landing especially soft.

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